Items Sempre Babies are used to.
We feed Vets All Natural Complete Mix which is mixed into Minced Chicken Frames. Babies also normally have some Royal Canin BabyCat dry food and we feed some Grain free food as well at times. Generally Sphynx do much better on a raw diet but if feeding raw only, you must make sure you are feeding a balanced mix.
Our cats use Catmate or Kitter wood pellet litter, it is similar to Ozpet but personally I don’t use it anymore as I much prefer the way the pine litters break down. I do however use Ozpet trays as they are far stronger then the alternatives. You can use this litter in a normal tray but be warned you will use way more and the sawdust will end up everywhere.
Crystal and Clumping Clay litters are not safe for kittens as if ingested (and yes some will chew and eat it) they will cause massive issues.
General rule is one tray for every cat + one.
Your baby will need a safe carrier to go in the car and to the vet, it is illegal in NSW for a pet to not be restrained. The fine is around $400 and 3 demerit points. That aside your kitty is not safe to be free roaming in the car, not safe for them or you, accidents are caused by pets in the car.
You will need to clean their ears regularly, baby wipes and ear cleaners are a must and you can get an ear treatment to help loosen the wax build up.
You will also need to cut their claw regularly, I recommend picking a day of the week you know you are normally home and make that claw cut day, the front ones will normally need to be done twice as often as the back. Sphynx have claws like eagle talons.

I find the less you wash your baby the better, generally if you let their skin settle they will stay nice and clean. Keep their bedding and jumpers clean that that helps as well. Every cat is different so you will need to adjust according to your individual kitty. I normally use Palmolive and Morning fresh dishwashing liquid as it cuts the grease, I don’t wash often so I have never had an issue with it.

I will normally have Litter, litter trays and carriers available for new owners to buy to make going home easier.
NSW has a State database for Microchips, you will need to make sure you register your baby on a database that your state uses if they go elsewhere, even if they stay in NSW getting in other databases is a good idea.

Two of the most common databases are
Australasian Animal Registry
1800 025 461
02 9704 1450
Central Animal Records
Recovery line: 1800 333 202
Administration: 03 9706 3187
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