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Our babies will Come:


Vacc x 2,
Wormed and
They come with a kitten care pack (when being picked up)
a blanket to remind them of home,
6 weeks pet insurance for peace of mind (valid for injury after 3 days and illness after 7 days) 
Pedigree papers
But most off all they come with the guarantee that I will be here to help if the new owner has any questions or needs advice etc
which is all included in their price, the only thing left for the new owner to do is one more Vaccination after they go home

I recommend all kittens keep there pet insurance current, you will never realise how important it is until you need it.

Our babies are only available to indoor homes, this also means not other indoor/outdoor cats.

The Nitty Gritty.

Babies are $3000 and are reserved only once a deposit has been received. 

Deposits are $500 and are not refundable for change of mind.

I try my best to match babies to perfect homes but often I am speaking to multiple wonderful homes about just one baby, unfortunately if you decide to wait to place a deposit someone else may place it before you. I would never place a kitten with a home that I don't think is suitable so it will never be just the first person to pay up, it is always about the right home but after more then a decade of breeding I know too well that just because someone says they are going to reserve a baby they often don't and I have told others they are reserved and then that person looks elsewhere, so this is why deposits are a must.

Kittens are to be paid for in full one week before pick up unless otherwise agreed. Bank transfers take at least two business days to clear (business days, weekends don't count and after 4pm the next day will be the 1st business day) so when these are left to the last minute it makes life a bit tricky checking that it has arrived. 

With payment being received before pick up it means on the day we can just focus on your new baby, the paperwork and going through the important things to help them settle in quickly.

For kittens that are flying, payment must be cleared before flights are booked, if flights need to be changed there is a fee so it is better to have everything sorted before booking.

Suggested Items your baby is used to 


Paypal is my prefered choice for deposit because it is instant and I can update straight away that a baby is reserved. This is good for you but also for others I may be talking with.

Deposits are by family and friends option only, if deposits are paid by Goods and Services I will have to refund as that charges a fee and paypal doesn't covers live animals anyway.