So you want to breed Sphynx???

I'm adding this page as people keep asking for breeding cats and although I will work with passionate breeders I will ask you lots of questions about your plans, your reasons for wanting to breed, ideas on showing, lines you are working with, HCM understanding etc. I am not interested in selling a breeding cat to someone and never hearing from them again. 

If we are not on the same page with our ideas for breeding them the answer will be no, if you don't feel comfortable to answer questions I ask and I don't feel comfortable with the answers you give then there would be no point working together. I am happy to help mentor any breeder who is willing to learn from the experiences I have had.

My reason for breeding apart from of course loving the breed is to improve the type of the cats we have and most importantly to do every thing I can to reduce the chance of babies developing HCM - if you don't know about hcm or don't think its important you should re access your reasons for breeding as it is a real issue and takes way to many precious babies before their time.

Breeding cats will most certainly come with a contract, desexing before rehoming is not negotiable, HCM scanning of course is a no brainer. A contract is signed because you believe what is written in it is something that you are happy to adhere to not just to get a cat you want and then break it later, doing that will show more about your ethics as a breeder then anything else. If you don't agree with whats in a contract do the right thing, don't sign it and look for a kitten elsewhere that you agree with their terms.

With the enquiry form below I am asking for detailed answers, as I said if you don't feel comfortable to give me detailed info I am not the breeder for you.

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